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A Kayak You Can Build At Home... In Minutes

Before you build the real thing, why not try your hand at this model, a Kayak Guy favourite.


Here are six kayak models from The Kayak Guy:

The Charlotte XL

  • Length - 13’
  • Beam - 23”
  • Weight - 22 lbs.
  • Paddler - 175 lbs.
The Charlotte
This is perhaps the most popular kayak designed by The Kayak Guy. Its wide
spread appeal is due to it ‘s light weight of 22 pounds. Aimed at paddlers up to 175 pounds, loading this kayak onto a car would not be a problem. Plus there is provision for an additional 30 pounds of gear. The Charlotte XL tracks extremely well for a 13 foot kayak. It can handle the open waters of large lakes, or unprotected bays yet it is equally at home in rivers and small lakes and ponds. Over 150 Charlottes have been constructed and after 5 years they are still going strong.


The Queen

  • Length - 14’ 6”
  • Beam - 23”
  • Weight - 27 lbs.
  • Paddler - 210 lbs.
The Queen
This kayak was designed for people wanting a recreation kayak but with perhaps a bit of open water paddling in mind. The Queen is designed with this combination in mind. Employing the Fist design the maximum beam of the kayak is in front of the coaming. This means that the paddler will have a stable dry paddle as you ride over the waves instead of punching through them. The stern is designed with a skeg built into the craft. The ensures excellent tracking capability, even in cross currents. It will accommodate paddlers up to 210 pounds plus an additional 30 pounds of gear. At 27 pounds this kayak can be loaded on and of the car by most individuals regardless of size. This kayak is an excellent choice for a weekend get away or a day at the cottage.


The Grande Empress

  • Length - 16’
  • Beam - 24”
  • Weight - 32 lbs.
  • Paddler - 250 lbs.
The Grande Empress

This kayak is designed for larger paddlers. It can comfortably handle
individuals of up to 250 pounds plus an additional 30 pounds of gear. A long
waterline of 16 feet ensures that it is fast. Twenty four inches of beam
ensures that it is stable. The hard chines allow you to carve fast stable
turns one would think possible only in a smaller vessel.  The best part about this kaiak is the weight.  At 32 pounds dry design weight (DDW) it can easily be handled by most adult paddlers.  This kayak is an excellent choice for a two-week backwoods exploration trip or a summer afternoon paddle at the beach.


The Little Sophia

  • Length - 10’
  • Beam - 21”
  • Weight - 12.5 lb.
  • Paddler - 120 lbs.

The Sophia is a 3/4 sized version of the Charlotte XL.  Designed for the younger set it is extremely light, 12.5 pounds. Paddlers up to 120 pounds can learn to paddle and explore coves and rivers on their own with this boat. It paddles very nicely and tracks extremely well. This kayak is an excellent project for grandparents and grandchildren to build together. It is easy and fun to build. There comes a time when everybody must paddle their own kayak in life. This boat helps make that transition.


The Little Ki

  • Length - 9’ 6”
  • Beam - 26”
  • Weight - 15 lb.
  • Paddler - 150 lbs.

The little Ki is legendary in paddling circles for its seaworthiness, stability
and light weight. This boat is ideal for first time paddlers and petite
adults. The length of 9’ 6” allows this boat to fit into most elevators so you
can store it in your apartment. The weight of 15 pounds means that you can hang it on your wall just like a piece of art, and why not? It's that beautiful. The addition of a hatch allows paddlers to use this boat for weekend getaways. There is capacity for most of the things that you would want for an overnight or weekend trip. Ideally paddlers should be under 5’ 8” and weigh less than 150 pounds. This is the ideal freedom boat. It will fit inside many compact station wagons or SUVs so you don’t even have to tie it on top.


The Cobequid

  • Length - 16’
  • Beam - 19”
  • Weight - 25 lbs.
  • Paddler - 210 lbs.
The Cobequid

Fasten your seat belt. The Cobequid is one fast boat. This 16 foot sea kayak
glides through the water with little effort. In the hands of an experienced
paddler this can be a very competitive boat. Most at home in open water, the tracking ability of this boat is legendary. The kayak weights 25 pounds yet it is strong and able to take the abuse of daily use. This kayak is designed for people up to 210 pounds plus 30 pounds of gear. The round bilge lends itself to more experienced paddlers.