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Exploring the Brad d'Or Lakes, Volume 1

Exploring the Brad d'Or Lakes, Volume 1
NEW January 2007

ISBN #0-9731674-7-5
ISBN #978-0-9731674-7-4

$25.20 = ($20.00 + $1.20 tax + $4.00 shipping) 

This latest book from the Kayak Guy is a collection of nine paddling expeditions on the Bras d'Or Lakes in Cape Breton. We start at St. Peters, the entrance to the Bras d'Or Lakes, and move up the western shore of the lake to the Seal Island Bridge. This is a wonderful vacation/holiday set of paddling expeditions. With an introduction by Dusan Soudek, former President of Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia and pen and ink sketches by Peggy Beaton.

20 Minutes to Launch

20 Minutes to Launch  (Where to paddle around Halifax)

ISBN #0-9731674-3-2

$23.30 = ($18.20 + $1.10 tax + $4.00 shipping) 

Now in its fifth printing, this book explores ten of my favorite paddling locations. I seldom get to plan my paddles in advance, it is usually on the spur of a moment that I’ll hook off work and go. As a result these places are close to town. This does not mean, however, that they are boring.  These ten locations are all within 20 to 35 minutes drive from the Armdale Rotary. I have picked locations where you will see minimum development and maximum wildlife. Enjoy these spots and do not tell others about them or they will become crowded.

45 Minutes to Launch  (Exploring the Eastern Shore)

45 Minutes to Launch  (Exploring the Eastern Shore)

ISBN #0-9731674-6-7


$23.30 = ($18.20 + $1.10 tax + $4.00 shipping)

A collection of nine interesting paddling expeditions located along the #7 highway on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore. The reader learns a little history of the area with each voyage, all of which involve between 4 to 5 hours of paddling once you are on the water. Whether you are new to kayaking or a seasoned paddler, this book has something for you. With pen and ink sketches by Peggy Beaton.

90 Minutes to Launch

90 Minutes to Launch  (Where to paddle in Nova Scotia)

ISBN #0-9731674-5-9

$23.30 = ($18.20 + $1.10 tax + $4.00 shipping)

Here are eight paddling adventures set in rural Nova Scotia. These expeditions are the kind of trips requiring planning so you should take food with you and give some thought to possible overnight accommodations. The excursions are all 4-5 hours, once you launch your kayak. Some can be linked together so maybe plan a weekend getaway or just make a day of the paddle and enjoy sleeping in your own bed. Any one of these trips will recharge your spiritual batteries.
Definitely do not tell others about these spots.

The Mighty Yak Named Ki’

The Mighty Yak Named Ki’  (Book, plans and now a kit)

ISBN # 0-9731674-0-8

  • Book with plans —  $92.00 ($80.00+ tax)
  • Kit and book — $437 ($380.00+ tax)
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This Yak is not just a grunting wild ox.  It is a very stable kayak designed for petite adults and is ideally suited for rivers, lakes and protected waterways. What makes Ki so great is its light weight, stability, and ease of aneuverability both on and off the water.  It will actually fit in a standard size elevator for urban high rise dwellers. All of this is enhanced by the affordability of the project.

The Little Sophia

The Little Sophia (Book, plans and now a kit)

ISBN #0-9731674-4-0

  • Book with plans — $80.00 + tax
  • Kit and book — $240.00 + tax

I wrote this book for grandparents and grandchildren.  If you are in this position, cherish every moment, if not save the book until you are or give it to somebody you know who is. The Little Sophia was designed for kids, but petite adults can also use it. Ideally the paddler should be under 4'6", but young people come in such interesting formations. They might be taller and still fit comfortably. Stability is an important factor when dealing with young people and this boat is very stable. It has a maximum loading of 120 pounds but it is the size of shoe and the height of the paddler that really determines whether you fit. This kayak has a design weight of 13 pounds. It is light enough that it can be carried by most children yet strong enough to withstand the abuse of them dropping it.

The Charlotte XL and the Queen

The Charlotte XL and the Queen  (Book plans and now a kit)

ISBN # 0-9731674-2-4

  • Book and plans sells for $80.00 + tax
  • The Kit with the book sells for $460.00 + tax
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The Charlotte and her big sister, the Queen, are simply delightful craft to build and to paddle. When designing these kayaks I defined the design parameters as follows. I wanted them to be an economical boat, both pleasing to the eye, and stable. You are not going to tip over easily in either of these kayaks. If you lean over too far, your ability to recover is very good. Paddlers of low to moderate skill can enjoy a safe dry platform.

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