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The Kayak Guy has very affordable kayak kits you can build at home. Kits include materials and detailed books and come in a variety of models. Learn more about kits

Kits - Build At Home

The Little Sophia (Book, plans and now a kit)

I wrote this book for grandparents and grandchildren.  If you are in this
position, cherish every moment, if not save the book until you are or give it
to somebody you know who is.  The Little Sophia was designed for kids, but
petite adults can also use it.  Ideally the paddler should be under 4’6”, but
young people come in such interesting formations.  They might be taller and
still fit comfortably. Stability is an important factor when dealing with young
people and this boat is very stable.  It has a maximum loading of 120 pounds but
it is the size of shoe and the height of the paddler that really determines
whether you fit.  This kayak has a design weight of 13 pounds.  It is light
enough that it can be carried by most children yet strong enough to withstand
the abuse of them dropping it.

  • The book with construction plans sells for $80.00 + tax
  • The Kit with the book sells for $240.00 + tax

The Charlotte XL and the Queen  (Book plans and now a kit)

The Charlotte and her big sister, the Queen, are simply delightful craft to
build and to paddle.   When designing these kayaks I defined the design
parameters as follows. I wanted them to be  “An economical boat, both pleasing
to the eye, and stable.  You are not going to tip over easily in either of
these kayaks.  If you lean over too far,  your ability to recover is very good.
 Paddlers of low to moderate skill can enjoy a safe dry platform.

  • The book with construction plans sells for $80.00 + tax
  • The Kit with the book sells for $460.00 + Tax